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Marketers historically based campaigns on estimates regarding consumer needs and wants. Today, we can break down a target market into segments, dig into what makes a demographic tick, and then optimize marketing campaigns to intersect perfectly with consumer needs and wants. Marketing analytics allow companies to innovate and grow in a global economy.

How Cardus Interactive Helps

At Cardus Interactive, we understand the power of analytics, and we specialize in finding the right metrics for each client. Our team will produce metrics that are relevant to your organization by drilling into datasets to find answers to some of your most-pressing questions. As part of our comprehensive professional web services, we offer marketing analytics and interpretation services to:

  • Audit your current web presence - We look at current digital traffic patterns and engagement data to set up benchmarks for a marketing strategy and inform our service suggestions for traditional and ecommerce sites.
  • Provide ongoing analytics support - Analytics are worthless if you look at them only once a year. We offer continuous measurement and support services.
  • Document customer success - Many of our clients find that investing in analytics improves an audience's perceived value of a website. This type of positive reinforcement drives marketing innovation, future campaign success, and supports financial return on investment (ROI) reports.

What We Use to Get You There

Our team does more than just send you reports, we take the time to interpret the results and make meaningful connections between data and your marketing plan. Our analytics tactics include:

  • Marketing plan development - We will work alongside you to create a data-driven marketing plan using the latest trends that produce results in digital marketing, including focusing on mobile-friendly content and improving the link-ability of brand mentions.
  • Establishing an online presence - Whether you're just getting started or your web presence has dwindled in the last few years, we will use data to identify key needs and start building a search-engine-friendly brand.
  • Website design and development - Using baseline data, we can optimize your website to avoid click-through vulnerabilities, improve engagement levels, and strengthen calls to action (CTAs). We use open source approaches and platforms such as Amazon Web Services to deliver high-quality results at the best value.
  • Search engine optimization/search engine management/pay per click (SEO/SEM/PPC) - Finding the right keywords and the right opportunities for organic SEO, paid search, and advertising produces a higher ROI for our clients. We know the probable success rate of any search tactic before we suggest it.
  • Content development - Not sure what to say to your audience? We can tap into what is trending and what has worked for your brand in the past to improve content visibility and engagement.

Interpreted data supports every aspect of online marketing. At its core, analytics allow us to produce better results for our clients. We use key performance metrics before, during, and after every campaign to gauge success. Contact Cardus Interactive today to learn more about why you should invest in data.

Other Services

Other services include SEARCH MARKETING, email marketing, analytics implementation/reporting/analysis, MOBILE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT, web hosting & maintenance, WORDPRESS HOSTING & DEVELOPMENT, E-commerce, CRM IMPLEMENTATION, CMS implementation, Technology training, Project Management.

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