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Inbound marketing is a marketing approach or technique. It's all about bringing warm leads to your door out of personal interest rather than breaking them down using cold calls and aggressive advertising.

For sustainable sales over time, brands increasingly rely on inbound marketing activities. At Cardus Interactive, we help our clients create digital assets designed to drive warm leads to take action. From improving website visibility with SEO to crafting highly specialized calls-to-action for each stage of the marketing and sales cycle, our inbound marketing services are custom built to serve your business goals.

Our Process

The Cardus Interactive team approaches every inbound marketing project from a goal-driven perspective. We do not blindly follow best practices or popular trends. Instead, we use a customized approach to deliver targeted techniques designed with your target market in mind. When you partner with us for inbound marketing campaigns we:

  • Define Goals: The more specific the goal, the better. Use inbound marketing strategies to build brand visibility, grow your number of repeat visitors, improve sales in a focused product/service area, or encourage site visitors to take a specific action. Our inbound marketing campaigns can support awareness, nurturing, conversion, and closing activities.

  • Explore the Status Quo: To create measurable results, we first need to know where you stand. Using marketing analytics, we explore your current visibility and online numbers. We work with clients who have never run a digital marketing campaign and those looking for something more effective than traditional marketing activities.

  • Create and Deploy Campaigns: Depending on your goals, we may need to run one or more specialized marketing campaigns or projects. Campaigns typically include a mixture of content as well as visibility optimization activities. We focus on adding value to the customer journey to help you earn your readers' trust and convert leads.

  • Measure and Optimize: Optimization plays a crucial role in inbound marketing. For every campaign, ongoing analytics allow us to identify what does and does not work. We rely on what does work and change or leave behind what does not. This allows us to deliver long-term results for each client.

  1. Attract: Create compelling content to attract visitors and prospects
  2. Convert: These visitors become prospects by requesting further information through landing pages and forms
  3. Close: These prospects are converted to customers
  4. Satisfied Customer: Monitor and engage your customers satisfaction

Who Benefits from Inbound Marketing

Whether you serve individuals or other businesses, consider inbound marketing as your best-kept business secret. Instead of working to identify and approach leads, use the power of the internet to bring them to you. We use inbound marketing techniques to help individuals build visible personal brands as well as B2C and B2B companies. Some of our clients hire us to help them boost recruiting activities, too. If your audience uses the internet, you can benefit from inbound marketing.

Why Cardus Interactive?

Cardus Interactive gives you access to a network of inbound marketing specialists. We use organic marketing techniques including SEO, website design, website hosting management, content development, and many other activities to build online engagement. From providing experience-driven advice to digging into the backend of your website to streamline functionality, our team offers the skills and tools you need for your digital marketing activities.

A website host should deliver the right level of bandwidth, a customized domain, at least one website, support for subdomains, and emails. Optimize your website hosting solution with the right digital partner. Reach out to Cardus Interactive today to get more out of your website.

Other Services

Other services include SEARCH MARKETING, email marketing, analytics implementation/reporting/analysis, MOBILE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT, web hosting & maintenance, WORDPRESS HOSTING & DEVELOPMENT, E-commerce, CRM IMPLEMENTATION, CMS implementation, Technology training, Project Management.

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