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If you rely on a Rolodex of business cards, a contact list in Excel, or your Google address book for customer relationship management, think about upgrading to a CRM (customer relationship management) solution. CRM systems offer more than a contact directory. They give you the ability to log events, maintain current information, and streamline marketing activities. In marketing and sales, it creates opportunities for collaboration, cross-selling, and superior customer support.

At Cardus Interactive, we take our clients step by step through CRM discovery, implementation, and the rollout process. Allow us to help you find and deploy the right CRM system for your professional needs. Whether you work with one partner or manage a small business, you can benefit from the efficiency a CRM system provides.

Why You Need a CRM System

CRM systems are built to integrate with popular accounting, human resources, and email marketing software solutions. Break down departmental barriers and encourage unprecedented collaboration with a user-friendly solution that helps you and your employees in the office and on the go. At the touch of the button, a CRM system can show managers where lead engagement stands and create a log of all customer interactions. From the initial contact to customer retention activities, CRM gives you access to the data you need to deliver a smooth and consistent customer experience.

Our Process

CRM systems come in many shapes and sizes. Some cater to specific industries while others feature basic functionality. To find the right system for your budget and work setup, count on Cardus Interactive. We help our clients with:

  • System Discovery and Vetting: You could sit through webinar after webinar, exploring dozens of CRM systems on the market today, or you could partner with a company like Cardus Interactive that offers personalized recommendations and support. After an initial assessment, we show you systems that meet your business style and functionality needs. Our team only recommends systems we personally understand. Each system we show was selected based on affordability, data management tools, user friendliness, customizability, and support.

  • Implementation: Most of our clients don't want to start from scratch with a new system. They need a way to transition customer information from existing systems into the new CRM database. We handle all implementation activities, including application testing, data migrations, and training support.

  • Rollout Support: At Cardus Interactive, we understand that working software is only half of the equation. Count on us to ensure your technology training and adoption strategy goes according to plan. Even the best CRM system won't deliver results if it isn't used. Consider us your go-to resource to ensure a successful implementation from start to finish.

  • Measure and Optimize: Optimization plays a crucial role in inbound marketing. For every campaign, ongoing analytics allow us to identify what does and does not work. We rely on what does work and change or leave behind what does not. This allows us to deliver long-term results for each client.

Who Benefits from Inbound Marketing

Whether you serve individuals or other businesses, consider inbound marketing as your best-kept business secret. Instead of working to identify and approach leads, use the power of the internet to bring them to you. We use inbound marketing techniques to help individuals build visible personal brands as well as B2C and B2B companies. Some of our clients hire us to help them boost recruiting activities, too. If your audience uses the internet, you can benefit from inbound marketing.

Why Cardus Interactive?

Our online marketing company offers end-to-end digital services, which allows us to look at our clients' needs from a holistic perspective. We can help you find the right system, secure competitive rates, implement the system, and then incorporate it into inbound marketing and website maintenance activities. With access to the best tools on the market, a commitment to ongoing customer service, and a focus on your success, Cardus Interactive offers support throughout the sales cycle. Reach out to us to learn more about our CRM system services.

Other Services

Other services include SEARCH MARKETING, email marketing, analytics implementation/reporting/analysis, MOBILE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT, web hosting & maintenance, WORDPRESS HOSTING & DEVELOPMENT, E-commerce, CRM IMPLEMENTATION, CMS implementation, Technology training, Project Management.

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